Results of AGM 2018

On the 4th of October our AGM was held in the Butchers & Brewers in Jackson Street. After a fabulous speech of our President Chris Connolly where he motivated all members to participate in the club we allowed to vote for the new officers.

Sadly we our President and Paragliding Safety officer are leaving us. They will be taking over the Infinity Paragliding in Queenstown. We wish them all the best in there new adventure and like to thank Chris and Adrian for all the work they have put in to the club.

Executive Council

We are happy to announce that the following officers have been bought forward to represent our club the coming year:

President – Jeff Lean

Secretary – Grant Firth

Airspace Officer – Ian Miller

PG Safety Officer – Matthew Williams

HG Safety Officer – Grant Tatham

Communication Officer – Irwin Imhoff

We like to thank our officers for there commitment to the club and wish them all the best in there (new) role. A special thanks is given to Ian Miller for all the work he has done over the last year with the airspace change proposal.


During the AGM there are 3 prizes up for grabs.

– Rick Fogel Memorial Award for “Person that has made a significant contribution to the club” goes to:

Grant Firth

– Peter Button Trophy for a “Wellington pilot who has flown the greatest distance since last AGM”  goes to:

Stepan Kubecek for his flight in the Wairarapa.

– Ice Eagle Trophy for the “Most improved pilot since the last AGM”

Has not been awarded because there where no nominations for this award.

Upcoming year

We hope the coming year will give us lots of good flying weather and long flights and most importantly everybody has safe flights.