Club AGM 2018


4th October at 7:30pm

Butchers & Brewer
175 Jackson Street,
All Club Members are notified of the forthcoming AGM meeting.

Wellington Awards
Our AGM is coming up, which means trophies, prizes, and free gliders !

This could be the most exciting meeting of the last several days

Have a think about the 3 trophies that will be dished out this year

– Rick Fogel Memorial Award (Chris Connolly 2017)
Person that has made a significant contribution to the club.

– Peter Button Trophy
Wellington pilot who has flown the greatest distance since last AGM

– Ice Eagle Trophy
Most improved pilot since the last AGM

Executive Council

Please come and buy a round for all the people on the executive that have helped make YOUR CLUB so successful this past year

Airspace Officer – Ian Miller
Communication Officer – Ants & Vincent
PG Safety Officer – Adrian Watts
HG Safety Officer – Grant Tatham
Secretary – Grant Firth
Past President – Kris Erickson
President – Chris Connolly

Nominees for Executive council

The following positions are up for renewal, Will you put your name forward ?

HG Safety Officer
PG Safety Officer
Airspace Officer
Communication Officer