Club AGM 2016


4th October at 7:30pm

Parrot & Jigger Bar
Station Village Complex
477 Hutt Rd, Alicetown,
Lower Hutt 5010
All Club Members are notified of the forthcoming AGM meeting.

Wellington Awards
Our AGM is coming up, which means trophies, prizes, and free gliders !

This could be the most exciting meeting of the last several days

Have a think about the 3 trophies that will be dished out this year

– Rick Fogel Memorial Award (Kris Erikson)
Person that has made a significant contribution to the club.

– Peter Button Trophy (Mick Kennish)
Wellington pilot who has flown the greatest distance since last AGM

– Ice Eagle Trophy (Ian Miller 2015)
Most improved pilot since the last AGM

Executive Council

Please come and buy a round for all the people on the executive that have helped make YOUR CLUB so successful this past year

Airspace Officer – Ian Miller
Communication Officer – Ants & Vincent
PG Safety Officer – Adrian Watts
HG Safety Officer – Grant Tatham
Secretary – Grant Firth
Past President – Kris Erickson
President – Chris Connolly

Nominees for Executive council

The following positions are up for renewal, Will you put your name forward ?

HG Safety Officer
PG Safety Officer
Airspace Officer
Communication Officer

2017 Wellington PG Competition Team

The formation of the 2017 Wellington PG competition Team
The Wellington Club will put a team forth to compete in the St Arnurd Classic and The PG Open Nationals, In A,B,C, and D class. Training in comps, XC flying, instrument set up, and much more will be provided to team members. You do not have to have been in a comp before to be selected for the Wellington team, but you must be available for team training and Comps.
Come to the meeting to find out more !

National AGM

Chris will give a report from the NZHGPA AGM recentlly held in CHCH